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10 methods to spice up your sex life

10 methods to spice up your sex life

Many couples face the routine that interferes with their sexual life, which is one of the most frequent reason why people break up or cheat. However, the sexual life with a stable partner does not necessarily have to be boring. In the following, we will give you some ideas that will surely spice up your sex life and you will feel great with your partner.

1. More is less
In the century of speed, more and more of us forget about prelude, having sex on the run. Next time you are intimate with your partner, try something different: sex without penetration. Try to reach climax through kisses and caresses only. You can even keep your clothes on – this may prove as exciting as their preservation.

2. Without panties
For men: plan a night out with your girl and convince her to leave her panties at home. It will be your little secret and will definitively add an erotic touch to the night, and the excitement and enthusiasm of the sexual act will increase.

3. Allow yourselves an adventure
An adventure with your partner of course. Stay at the hotel under a false name and pretend that you just met. Carry formal conversations. At the beginning. Then just follow the crowd.

4. Be loud
Let your partner know how sexually aroused you are during sex. Everyone enjoys seeing their lover feels good.

5. Let go of control
Let your partner dominate you. You will be surprised that is very exciting to surrender to the one you trust and allow him/her to do what he/she wants.

6. Talk during sex
Tell each other what you intend to do. It is more exciting than a “silent sex”.

7. A week of sex
Establish a week when you wll have sex at least twice a day. It would be more interesting if you add other rules: do not have sex twice in the same position or place.

8. Penalties
Play games together and impose sexy punishment. For example, if your partner lands on your airport at Monopoly, she/he is free from the fine if he/she gives you an oral.

9. Do not neglect yourself
When we have a stable partner, we tend to not arrange ourselves the way we did at the beginning of the relationship. Do not make this mistake – strive to be irresistible every day.

10. Sex toys
What could be more appropriate to spice up your sex life? With their help you can intensify the sensations and live unforgettable experiences with your partner.

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